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 BBT Tennis Instructor

BBT Members:

Christine Ocampos-Barry is a Bowie native and has been a member of BBT her whole life, her Grandparents were original members from when the pool first opened. She played tennis at Bowie High school and during the summers was actually a youth tennis assistant at BBT! Christine then played tennis at Hood College, and after graduating was a high school tennis coach at Francis Scott Key. She also worked as the tennis camp director at Cattail Creek Country Club. Throughout all of her time instructing, Christine also played USTA tennis on women's and mixed doubles teams. Christine is currently a first grade teacher in PG County.

While Christine was the tennis camp director at Cattail Creek Country Club she learned QuickStart Tennis.

QuickStart Tennis is a new format to help children learn and play the game of tennis. Rather than a regulation size tennis ball, each age group uses a ball more suited to their size and unique playing ability. These low compression balls move slower, bounce lower, and travel less distance. QuickStart Tennis also uses courts and nets that are scaled to the size and ability of young children.

We are so fortunate to have her teaching us, and our kids, at BBT!

Please make sure to get your kids signed up for tennis lessons and the tennis team this summer.

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