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General Information

The BBT Tennis Program features eight courts; six are lighted year-round for your enjoyment with beautiful surrounding grounds. We offer FREE LESSONS for adults and youth. There is plenty of tennis for all levels of play. Your membership includes: lessons for adults and youth/juniors.

Youth Tennis Program

The 2016 Youth Tennis Program will be run by Christine Ocampos-Barry. She will provide Free youth tennis lessons, “A” Team travel competitions with local pools, in-house “B” team competitions and to top it off, an end of the season tournament and trophies party. Come join the fun!

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The youth tennis program will include FREE lessons and instruction, including preparation, set up and take down. There will be youth lessons in three two-week sessions from Monday through Friday beginning June 20th and ending July 29th. There will be three 45 minute classes per day with each day’s lessons divided into small groups.

BBT Will be using QuickStart Tennis as our teaching method.

QuickStart Tennis is a new format to help children learn and play the game of tennis.

Click Here to see more about QuickStart.

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In addition, the instructor will provide FREE instruction to the youth tennis teams, during the six weeks of youth lessons. The instructor will schedule, attend, and coach on-site youth tennis team matches during the same period of June 20th – July 29th, 2016. The 2016 Tennis Program will have an “A” and “B” youth tennis team. The “A” Team is for the more advanced tennis player who will compete with local tennis teams in the area. The “B” Team is for all ability levels including those youth who can’t travel or who may not be at a higher level. This will provide the opportunity for all members to participate.

The Instructor will supervise the BBT youth ladder and tournament.
The tournament will be held during the last week of July with a trophy presentation.


Tennis courts are available for use by the members during the off season until 10 pm. Courts will also be available for members during lessons and tennis team practice. The tennis entrance gate will be locked. Please remember to bring your key and turn off the lights if you leave early. We ask that all members please take care of the facility and use it responsibly. Also, please dispose of any trash in the receptacles upon leaving the courts. Thank you for observing court etiquette and court rules.


Contact Information
The BBT Tennis Chair is 

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